Evaluating your roof

Evaluating your roof

Let’s talk about your project

If you have issues with water infiltration, ventilation, insulation, loose shingles or roof structure, it is useless to solve the problem temporarily. You need a permanent solution adapted to your needs in order to protect this important investment: your home. It is important to know that your insurance company could refuse to cover disaster damage if your roof is improperly repaired or installed. Do your research prior to beginning roofing repairs or restauration.

Evaluation process for sloped roofs

It is advisable to verify the condition of your roof approximately 10 years after the initial installation or restauration. If you see anything odd, leave the roof evaluation to us. Our inspection includes:

  • Visual inspection of waterproofness and insulation
  • Visual inspection on the roof itself (if slope enables)
  • Verification of attic space
  • Ventilation system evaluation
  • Estimate of work to be done and the life cycle of your roof
  • Gutter inspection (we also have the solution to replace your dated gutters)

Do you need a pre-purchase verification? Contact us.

Evaluating your roof

Questions to ask during an evaluation

No matter which roofing company you choose, it is your right to understand their work methods. Take the time to ask these questions when you meet with an estimator:

  • Does my attic ventilate adequately?
  • Does my roof’s structure need to be redone? (major work)
  • Is the roof’s deck adequate or need to be solidified?
  • Do the insulation and waterproofing systems need to be changed?
  • Does the entire area need to be restored?
  • What materials will be used?
  • What grade is the flashing and counter-flashing (aluminium & steel)
  • What is the manufacturer’s standard for the underlayment protective membrane used?
  • What is the warranty offered for labour and materials? (Labour must be guaranteed at least 5 years.)
  • How many days will the work take?
  • What are your certifications and accreditations?
  • How long have you been in business? (If the roofer declares bankruptcy, the warranty is void).
  • Do you clean up the property following work completion?

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