Sylvain Leclerc, president of BCL, was born with a passion for roofs, and began his career at the age of 16. In addition to having observed and corrected various kinds of roofing anomalies, he has also developed a relationship of trust with his clients. And it is on this foundation that he hopes to build his future relationship with you.

Learning from the past

Sylvain got his start with D. Leclerc et Fils. In 2009, his partnership with Toiture Couture et Associés allowed him to develop more experience in the commercial sector. Major projects became an important part of everyday work. In 2015, armed with his professional baggage and human-based approach, Mr. Leclerc decided to continue the adventure with his own teams as Les Bardeaux Couture-Leclerc.

A team reflected by him

Sylvain Leclerc trained his teams (construction & sales) according to his values so that quality work is completed with respect, professionalism and consideration. Always available to serve you, he will never shy away from diverse, complex projects.


Beyond repairs & restorations

Thanks to his excellent communication skills, Mr. Leclerc will explain all issues relating to your roof as well as all possible solutions to solve the problems once and for all. Not only does your roof protect your family and your home, but it also represents a considerable investment when it comes to repairs. It is thus critical that you know exactly what to expect. That is why Mr. Leclerc’s job is to answer all your questions, because your satisfaction and a job well done are his core values.